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  He who will not learn when he is young will regret it when he is old. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲.下面是小编整理的英语200个警句名言。


  【一】1. A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near. 海内存知己,天涯若比邻。

  2. A common danger causes common action. 同舟共济。

  3. A contented mind is a continual / perpetual feast. 知足常乐。

  4. A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. 吃一堑,长一智。

  5. A guest should suit the convenience of the host. 客随主便。

  6. A letter from home is a priceless treasure. 家书抵万金。

  7. All rivers run into the sea. 殊途同归。

  8. All time is no time when it is past. 机不可失,时不再来。

  9. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 一日一个苹果,身体健康不求医。

  10. As heroes think, so thought Bruce. 英雄所见略同。

  11. A young idler, an old beggar. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。

  12. Behind the mountains there are people to be found. 天外有天,山外有山。

  13. Bad luck often brings good luck. 塞翁失马,安知非福。

  14. Bread is the stall of life. 面包是生命的支柱。(民以食为天。)

  15. Business is business. 公事公办。

  16. Clumsy birds have to start flying early. 笨鸟先飞。

  17. Courtesy costs nothing. 礼多人不怪。

  18. Custom makes all things easy. 习惯成自然。

  19. Desire has no rest. 人的欲望无止境。

  20. Difficult the first time, easy the second. 一回生,二回熟。

  21. Do not change horses in mid-stream. 别在河流中间换马。

  22. Do not have too many irons in the fire. 贪多嚼不烂。

  23. Do not pull all your eggs in one basket. 别把所有的蛋都放在一个篮子里。



  24. Do not teach fish to swim. 不要班门弄斧。

  25. East or west, home is the best. 东奔西跑,还是家里好。

  26. Experience is the best teacher. 实践出真知。

  27. Fact is stranger than fiction. 事实比虚构更离奇。



  28. Faith can move mountains. 信念能移山。



  29. First impressions are half the battle. 先入为主。

  30. Give as good as one gets. 一报还一报。



  31. Give everyone his due. 一视同仁。

  32. Good wine needs no bush. 酒香不怕巷子深。

  33. Haste makes waste. 欲速则不达。



  34. He that promises too much means nothing. 轻诺者寡信。

  35. He who has an art has everywhere a part. 一招鲜,吃遍天。

  36. He would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom. 千里之行始于足下。

  37. Home is where the heart is. 心在哪里,哪里就是家。

  38. If you are not inside a house, you don not know about its leaking. 不在屋里,不知漏雨。



  39. In peace prepare for war. 平时准备战时。



  40. It is never too late to mend. 亡羊补牢,犹未为晚。

  41. It six of one and half a dozen of the other. 彼此彼此。

  42. Just has long arms. 天网恢恢,疏而不漏。

  43. Keep something for a rainy day. 未雨绸缪。

  44. Life is a span. 人生如朝露。

  45. Man proposes, God disposes. 谋事在人,成事在天。

  46. Meet plot with plot. 将计就计。

  47. Merry meet, merry part. 好聚好散。

  48. Mind acts upon mind. 心有灵犀一点通。

  49. Never hit a man when he is down. 不要落井下石。

  50. Never judge by appearances. 切莫以貌取人。

  51. No fire without smoke. 无风不起浪。

  52. Nurture passes nature. 教养胜过天性。

  53. One is never too old to learn. 活到老,学到老。

  54. One swallow does not make a summer. 一燕不成夏。



  55. One who has seen the ocean thinks nothing of mere rivers. 曾经沧海难为水。

  56. Out of sight, out of mind. 眼不见,心不烦。

  57. Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

  58. Poverty is stranger to industry. 勤劳之人不受穷。

  59. Rome was not built in a day. 罗马不是一日建成的。(伟业非一日之功。)

  60. Sense comes with age. 老马识途。

  61. So many men, so many minds. 人心各不同。

  62. Some thing is learned every time a book is opened. 开卷有益。

  63. Strike while the iron is hot. 趁热打铁。

  64. The car will find its way round the hill when it gets there. 车到山前必有路。

  65. The heart is seen in wine. 酒后吐真言。

  66. The older the wiser. 人老智多。 (姜还是老的辣。)

  67. The worse luck now, the better another time. 风水轮流转。

  68. Thoughts are free from toll. 思想不用交税。 (人人都可以自由思考。 )

  69. Time tries all things. 时间检验一切。

  70. Use legs and have legs. 经常用腿,健步如飞。

  71. Virtue never grows old. 美德常青。

  72. Walls have ears. 隔墙有耳。

  73. What is done cannot be undone. 覆水难收。

  74. Wine in, truth out. 酒后吐真言。

  75. You are only young once. 青春只有一次。

  76. You cannot burn the candle at both ends. 蜡烛不可两头燃。(鱼和熊掌不可兼得。)

  77. You cannot have your cake and eat it. 有得就有失。(事难两全其美。)

  78. You never know till you have tried. 事非经过不知难。

  79. Youth will be served. 青春好作乐。

  80. Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse. 无知的狂热是脱缰的野马。


  It is ill jesting with edged tools. 手持利器,不可打闹。

  Tragedy of life lies not in how much have you got, but what you miss many good things生活中的悲剧不在于你受过多少苦,而在于你错过了多少美好的东西

  Glasses and lasses are brittle ware. 玻璃易碎,姑娘易毁。

  We all have the ability to tolerate others unhappy我们都具备忍受别人不幸的能力

  From words to deeds is a good space. 从言到行,相距甚远.

  Couch hard arguments in soft words. 理要硬而话要软。

  You can take any of my things, but can not take away, this is my freedom你可以拿走我的任何东西,唯独一样不可以拿走,这就是我的自由

  A birbe will enter without knocking. 贿赂毋须敲门而入。

  A bow long bent at last waxeth weak. 良弓张久必驰.

  A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难见真情.

  Those who are very afraid of danger, his every day life in danger


  A faint heart never won a fair lady. 懦夫难得美人心.

  Command your man and do it yourself. 要求部下做到,自己也要做到.

  If you swear you will catch no fish. 咒骂解决不了问题。

  In every beginning think of the end. 凡事一开始就要想到结果.

  Misfortunes tell us what fortune is. 不经灾难不知福.

  Kind hearts are more than coronets. 好心胜过高帽子.

  Kindness cannot be bought for gear. 钱财买不到好意.

  Haste and wisdom are things far odd. 轻率与智慧相距遥远。

  Medicines are not meant to live on. 药物可治病,不能当饭吃。

  Labour is light where love doth pay. 以爱情作报酬,劳苦也轻松.

  By his claw, you may know the lion. 要知狮子看脚爪。

  Deliberate slowly, execute promptly. 思谋要慢,行动要快.

  Diligence is the mother of success. 勤勉是成功之母.

  Can man be free if woman is a slave? 妇女当牛做马,男子焉能自由?

  A cracked bell can never sound well. 破钟无好音。

  Ignorance of the law excuses no man. 不知法不能使任何人免罪.

  It is no use crying over spilt milk. 牛奶已泼,哭也无用。

  ur best thought comes form others. 我们最好的思想来源于他人.

  Wisdom is more precious than wealth. 智慧比财富更宝贵.

  Without respect, love cannot go far. 没有尊重的爱难以久存.

  It takes all sorts to make a world. 世界是由各式各样的人组成的. /世界之大,什么样的人都有.

  Make yourself necessary to someone. 使自己成为别人需要的人.

  Home is home,be it never so homely. 金窝银窝,不如自家的草窝.

  Hide not your light under a bushel. 不要把你的烛光藏在笆斗下。 / 勿过分谦虚,隐藏才能。

  First catch your hare,than cook him. 先得兔而后烹之. /到手东西才算数.

  Faults are thick where love is thin. 一朝情义淡,样样不顺眼.

  Gossiping and lying go hand in hand. 流言蜚语和谎言总是连一起。

  Every one is witty for his own goal. 为达到自己的目标,人人都很聪明。

  Good is good, but better carries it. 精益求精,善益求善.

  Love asks faith, and faith firmness. 爱情要求信任,信任要求坚定.

  Don't put the cart before the horse. 不要把车套在马前头. /不要本末倒置.

  Envy may dissatisfy us with our lot. 嫉妒可使我们对自己的命运不满意。

  Better to do well than to say well. 说得好不如做得好.

  Custom reconciles us to everything. 习惯则不怨。

  A black plum is as sweet as a white. 黑梅白梅一样甜。

  He that gains time gains all things. 赢得时间就赢得了一切.

  Humility is the beginning of wisdom. 智慧源于谦逊.

  Conceit is the quicksand of success. 自负是成功的流沙。

  Beware of the fury of a patient man. 要小心脾气好的人发火。

  Birth is much, but breeding is more. 教养重于出身。