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  英语邮件开头问候语,英语邮件开头问候语怎么写,比如How is everything,下面带来英语邮件开头问候语范文,欢迎阅读借鉴。


  Dear Mr./Ms,

  Mr. John Green, our General Manager, will be in Paris from June 2 to 7 and would like to come and see you, say, on June 3 at 2.00 p.m. about the opening of a sample room there.Please let us know if the time is convenient for you. If not, what time you would suggest.

  Yours faithfully,






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  Dear Mr. / Ms,

  Thank you for your letter informing us of Mr. Green's visit during June 2-7. Unfortunately, Mr. Edwards, our manager, is now in Cairo and will not be back until the second half of June. He would, however, be pleased to see Mr. Green any time after his return.

  We look forward to hearing from you.

  Yours faithfully,






  1. If you’re any questions please let me know. 如有任何问题,请告诉我。

  2.Please refer tentative schedule as follow: 请参照下面的暂定计划

  3. Please recheck your record and advise if you find any differences.

  4.We are following your instruction on the basis of your confirmation我们在您确认的基础上按您的指示行事。

  5.Hare are you doing 还好吧?

  6. Thanks in advance and best regards.

  7. Looking forward seeing you soon.

  8.If there is anything else I can help, please let me know.

  9.here`s why: 原因如下

  10.Please review, and let’s discuss how we should move forward. 请检讨,并让我们一起讨论我们应该怎样继续。

  11.We would like to lock up this business. 我们想锁定这笔生意

  12.Once you respond to the above questions, we will decide which option we would like to pursue. 你们对上述问题回复后,我们会立即决定我们会选择哪个方案。

  13.Thanks for your understanding. 谢谢您的谅解

  14.Also please let me know if you need any other information 另外,你们还需要其他信息吗?

  15.Will get back to you ASAP. 会尽快回复你!

  16.Let`s discuss this then 到时我们讨论下这个问题。(面试网www.mian4.net)

  17.Please review the below email our US office and advise.请查看以下我们US办公室发的E-mail并进行回复

  18.Noted and understand all below.

  19.Please review and advise us with any questions.

  20.Let`s give it a try to make it happen…It is for a good cause让我们试试吧…这是值得支持的

  21.There are a lots of lose ends now…How once you going to execute this?现在有很多问题,我们怎样处理

  22.As I explained over the phone, today,如同我今天在电话中解释的那样

  23.Since we will have one chance only.既然我们只要一个选择

  24.Please note and proceed as is,请注意,并按现况继续

  25.Please see the reply below in red 请看如下红色的回复


  How is everything?一切都好吗?

  I hope everything is all right.我希望(你)一切都好。

  How are you?你好吗?

  How are you getting along these days? I miyou very much.你近来过得如何?我十分想念你。

  I was very happy to receive your letter of October 10th.我很高兴收到你10月10日的来信。

  Thank you for writing to me.谢谢你给我写信。

  Your letter came into my hand yesterday.我是昨天收到你的来信的。

  It's a long time since I got your last letter.我收到你的信已经很长一段时间了。

  I'm sorry I took so long to reply.很报歉给你回信晚了。

  I have been so busy recently that I could hardly find any time to write.我最近挺忙,未能抽出时间给你写信。

  Many thanks for the wonderful present you sent me.谢谢你寄给我那么好的礼物。

  I'm so sorry for not having written to you for such a long time.十分报歉,很久没有给你写信了。


  With best wishes.致以良好的祝愿。

  Please write to me as soon.



  How are you?

  How have you been?

  I hope everything is fine with you.

  Hope you enjoy your day.

  (或者)Here I am again.

  It's me again。

  Thank you for contacting us.


  Thank you for your prompt reply.

  当一个客户或是同事很快就回复了你的邮件,一定记得要感谢他们。如果回复并不及时,只要将“prompt”除去即可,你还可以说,“Thank you for getting back to me.”

  Thank you for providing the requested information.


  Thank you for all your assistance.

  如果有人给了你特别的帮助,那一定要感谢他们!如果你想对他们表示特别的感激,就用这个句子,“I truly appreciate … your help in resolving the problem.”

  Thank you raising your concerns.

  就算某个客户或是经理写邮件给你对你的工作提出了一定的质疑,你还是要感谢他们。这样你能表现出你对他们的认真态度表示尊重及感激。同时,你也可以使用,“Thank you for your feedback.”