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  In May 12th, five years ago, Wenchuan was 8. In the 0 magnitude earthquake, countless lives were ruthlessly taken away by the disaster. In order to commemorate this special day, our school held a drill for earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.

  The fourth lesson, Mr. Tao told us seriously: "today we have to hold the earthquake disaster reduction exercises, everyone remember, the earthquake should be hidden in the living triangle and table and chair, as far as possible to protect the head." The students listened attentively. Suddenly, there was a "whining" alarms on the radio. Tao teacher said, "now let's drill down to the bottom of the table." We hurried under the table as if the earthquake were coming. For a while, Mr. Tao told us to go to the playground as usual, and the students took care of their heads, bending their waist, pretending to escape the stones and sundries, and then followed Mr. Tao's safe evacuation to the playground.

  At this time, the playground was very busy, and everyone was discussing the exercise. The instructed director took the safety education and knowledge education seriously, and the exercise was successfully completed.

  Through this exercise, I learned how to protect myself when the earthquake is coming, and help each other, face disaster together, and reduce the losses caused by disasters.






  In 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan destroyed about 500 thousand square kilometers of China's land, which was devastating and costly. In order to cope with the heavy disaster, every one of us should set up a sense of disaster prevention and reduction, and strive to minimize the loss and damage caused by the disaster.

  We must know that when earthquakes occur, we must remain sober, calm, and timely judge the state of vibration. Secondly, it can be avoided under the solid furniture or corner, and can also be transferred to the kitchen with large load walls, small open rooms and toilets for temporary sheltering. Because these areas have strong binding force and good supporting force, and the seismic coefficient is large. In short, according to the layout and indoor conditions of buildings, we can check the situation and find safety space and passages to avoid and reduce casualties.

  Now, we have a shockproof teaching building, and there are good shockproof equipment. If we encounter an earthquake in school, we can only escape in time if we obey the teacher's command. In the playground or outdoors, you can squatting down, keep your head in both hands, and avoid tall buildings or dangerous things. Never go back to the classroom.

  If we are indoors, we will not be able to panic when we encounter an earthquake. The triangular space formed after the collapse of indoor houses is often the best place for us to take refuge. The place where the interior is easy to form the triangle space is usually: the edge of the Kang and the solid furniture; the inner wall, the wall and the corner; the kitchen, the toilet, the storage room and so on.

  In public places, we can listen to the direction of the staff at the scene, avoid crowding, avoid many areas, and avoid trampling. Attention should also be paid to avoid falling objects such as chandeliers and fans.

  In fact, some disasters can be prevented. Before the earthquake, there will be some omen. For example, a horse, such as a horse, will break away from the reins and try to run outside; the hibernating snakes will rush out of the hole; the bees will fly and escape; the fish want to jump out of the water and so on, which can let people know that the earthquake is going to happen in advance. If animals are found to have such abnormal phenomena, they must first distinguish the true from the false, and then report to the Seismological Bureau, so as to prevent them from leaving early, and to reduce casualties.

  When an earthquake occurs, there are a lot of self rescue methods: earthquake, if it is under the ruins, do not blindly move, to calm down, first draw out the hands, slowly move the ruins, first to keep the smooth breathing, and try to seek help. If you are pressed under heavy objects, do not consume too much physical help, try to find some metal objects and wait for rescue. Disasters are not terrible. As long as people enhance their awareness of prevention, they can reduce the losses caused by disasters.

  Earthquake is our inevitable disaster, but as long as we face the right escape, we will not be afraid of the devil.