The Housing Problems英语作文

英语作文 时间:2018-09-02 我要投稿

  Today, with the economy development and population increasingly, the housing problems become the most events in the modern big city. So, I think, many people would complain about their house too small to have private time. In the end, people would cause some misunderstandings.

  There are some methods to solve the housing problems. First of all, government may control the increase of population. Second, we can’t put all free land into building the house. Therefore, based on the existing housing, we can cover several floors, of course, had better be in 40 layer above. Last but no least, government could promote economy in order that let low-income family can afford the basic housing.

  In my opinion, I think the most important and efficient way is to control the population. After all land not infinite circulation growth. And, build more high buildings to provide more living space also is a good method. In short, the housing problems will be solved by our efforts.