A Campaign Speech四级英语作文

英语作文 时间:2018-09-03 我要投稿

  Today I am very glad to run for the president of the students union. I am junior in Chemical Department. Since I came into the university, I have always been the monitor of my class. I have done a very good job for my classmates, and my classmates and my tacher all give me a good praise. I am good at communication and organizing. And I like to help others.

  Moreover, I have a varity of hobbies,for example, basketball, football, pingpong, etc. I am sure that I am qualified for this position. If I become the president, I will try my best to do well. I will organize some siutable activities for you. I will do many things for you to reache your demands as well. I am sincerely hope you will give me a chance, and please believe me that I will be a good president.Thank you.