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  nothing in today's world is as big a problem as that of population. people begin to worry about the support capacity of the earth. and there might be only standing room for each person in the future.

  lima's population was 5. 7 million in 1985 but it grew to 9. 1 million in xx. tianjin's was 7.9 million in 1985. in xx, it boosted to 9. 7 million. such cities as london, osaka, moscow, beijing, karachi, delhi, jakarta, seoul, and teheran are having a similar population growth. calcutta, shanghai, new york, and sto paulo see a faster population explosion. tokyo had 18.8 million in 1985. in xx it turned into 20.2 million. mexico city had 17.3 million people in 1985, but in xx, its population reached 25.8 million!

  what does the population growth mean? it means greater and greater consumption and greater pressure for the earth. if more people are added to the world population without our being alert or taking any action, we would have only standing room by the end of the 21st century.

  each government and the un should see that population of each country and each city stops growing for the next fifty years.