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  The problem of NEET, once well-known in the UK and Japan, has been brought into public attention now in China. NEET refers to the group of the young who are not currently engaged in education, employment or training. Most of these young people just stay at home or idle about, avoiding employment and relying on their parents.

  There are mainly two reasons for this phenomenon. For one thing, with the expansion of university enrollment, an increasing number of college graduates pour into job-hunting market every year. Unfortunately, some of them are not fully prepared and thus become unemployed the time they graduate. For another, some young people are badly spoilt as the only child of their family, so they psychologically and financially depend on their parents even when they are already grown-ups.

  To solve this problem, first, colleges should provide pre-job training courses for the young. Second, parents should cultivate their children the sense of independence. Last but not the least, college students should equip themselves with skills and knowledge so that they will become competitive when seeking jobs.