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  The doctor with a report, pointed to。 Motioned me, oppressive nerve disease, diagnosis of some twisted among completely can't see only last for a short hearing loss。

  Deaf? Brief? Smiled and patted my shoulder, and the doctor gave my friend a list, be in hospital, thousands of ocean。 Friends also didn't see, see also look not to understand I think。 Friend brought me to ward, nifty smiled, a thumbs—up, still trembling lips two, should be said。 You really cattle B, don't forget to return my money, earlier is good。

  I never thought how silent world of loneliness, living room has three beds, a bathroom。 Fortunately, there is a window, can be boring when I open the window, feel the wind touch the smell of the wind, but did not hear any of all the wind。

  In the hospital the next day, it is some tests, physical examination, such as this, is boring, do, do。 Doctor write a line of words on a piece of paper, rest in hospital for a month。 Later, you don't understand。 May be I the name of this disease, the doctor see me, with a clueless look on his face and he took the book with a line, it's nothing serious, it is good to rest be recuperated, do not think so much, don't have pressure。

  I smiled to him, nodding means I understand。 Doctors also back to a smiling face, with a nurse to a bed。

  The doctor's lips on the girl's fast moving, the girl nodded。 Last, turn the old, told her to rest! I didn't hear, but I can see it, people say that when you certain parts blemish, other parts of the special light, estimation is described。

  The doctor went away, three bed is a vacant position, friends waved to me, he is gone, left me with a girl in the room, and protect the girl loved ones around, I began to think that the girl was admitted to hospital what disease? This room should be ent? Look at her and the doctors should not like me, want I read a book, haven't flip, the girl's family pare an apple, I hurriedly said: aunt, thank you, my ears hear voice now。 Aunt smiled and handed me an apple, she see a notebook and pen next to me, wrote in a line, what books so good—looking? One page looked so long, my daughter also like reading, hurried to did not take, can I borrow your have a look? I hesitated, this a few books I have some writing in it, she will see more embarrassed。 Is really entanglements, but looking at hand before even cut out of the apple and nuclear this woman so beautiful words, appealing proposal。 Write down on my diary。 Book is a little mess, it is not too take go to, I put the 6 copies out 5。 Aunt to write。 thank you Get well soon。 I nodded, uttered words。 Also hope that her happiness。 Happiness? Happiness? What I said? I hurriedly change so wrong, it is a speedy recovery。 Aunt smiled to smile, holding a book in the past。

  Couldn't hear the sound, just don't want to talk with others too much, every day to the fruit, from friends, from clinical the girl's mother。

  The first week。 To take a break。 How could one not have peace? Only books and the day all over the world, the replacement of the night, it was like clouds, but only the story of the wind, see also feel quite boring。 She hasn't been to talk with me, and sometimes only the two of us in the room。 Quiet terrible。 She was holding a carefully look at my book, so earnest without missing one page, I'm afraid I exceed the squiggles her eye。 I'm only a book in his hand。 Has been in the diary to write down some prose and poems。 Whenever I read a book, write, and to the hospital to go for a walk in the backyard, would a headset, I can't hear, however, other people will not want to come and I talked this "hear"。

  In the second week, she was wearing scrubs and slow moving, maybe she thought I sleep, I looked back, four head, her into a panic, I hurriedly say a sentence sorry。 Her eyebrows spread out, this is my first time to see her appearance from the front。 White skin, delicate body, can't see is how long hair, messy, just think, if she leaned close to the hair will fall on my chest。 I picked up the side of the book, she will write down something, but she refused, demanding said to me, thank you, your book。 I understand, she went back to bed, after the stupidly, I hurriedly opened she just return the book。 Each I have written, she wrote down her ideas, below some half sentence poems have the sentence。 There are lovely in my messy write the word write wrong word。 I am fascinating look at there, don't know whether to laugh。 She is over there, pointing to another one。 They met on the deepest in the world of mortals。 "IlikeIt。" I also understand。 The book spent time with me! Author jia cuo, whether you also thinking about when dying qinghai lake again with a lover。 A bard again back to Lhasa, back to the one you love。 I frowned, remind yourself that the doctor ordered。

  The third week。 She is walking to me gently back to my three books, I said to her, you see good fast, her shy smile。 Take notes to write down here by my side。 Do you want to go for a walk? I also write。 Of course。 In this way, two people, scrubs blue and white squares。 Warm warm sunshine two people walking in the backyard under the shade of hospital。 I put on my headphones, she didn't ask, don't oppose, we two walking aimlessly, just like that, she patted me on the shoulder and motioned me to the bench in front of the have a rest。 I nodded said yes。 She and I said do you want me to give her divination the emotional, career, etc。 She a pair of surprise。 Look at me。 Today I took out from his pocket and make friends with the tarot。 She nodded with a smile。 I took a shuffle and she said casually。 She is very careful drew a from the card。 I took the card, turn it over。 The wheel of fortune。 She asked what it means。 I came back。 The birth and death, love and hatred, time and time, yesterday and tomorrow, met with strange, everything is rebirth。 I understand, is that she is a special girl, in addition I completely can't see it any explanation。 But I didn't say so。 She asked in the notebook。 That if we in this cycle。 I staggered to write down。 I this is also in it, but one day I suddenly solutions for the drama of life was banned from the view of samsara, look。 I have not the deaf? She interlaced。 Experience is necessary, but meet disconsolate。 Back in the water。 Didn't give me any opportunity to refute。

  Back to the ward, she held the last books, also back to the three are also elegant handwriting, my ears still not good, has been in the past more than 20 days, still can't hear any sound, I doubt whether I still can hear music, if you can, I want to hear her laughter, her smile is so sweet, sound very beautiful as well。

  Since that day, a bright light in the room, she will be in every afternoon, accompany me to the green grass beside the bench。 Writing the book, now all is our conversation。 Books from start to chat, to dream and then to some small things, chop suey article after article, imperceptible almost run out of all the diary, let friends help I bought three new cartridge, three new diary。

  The first four weeks。 Wake up in the morning。 The appearance of the sunrise is like a day, I walked into the window of the imagination。 This is also very good, this is good too。 At least she accompanied me, but how far can? Sigh。 I heard that I sigh, I opened the window, the singing of birds, the wind blows the leaves, memory is always a sudden, that's a good thing, or with her respectively。 At the very least, let her finish the last one。 At least, to accompany her some day, perhaps wait a few days she all right, if we can together with her out of the hospital。 Unconsciously, I lay back on the bed, after a while, the doctor came to scribble wrote a few words on the paper。 Better yet? I shook my head。 Heard that he said to the nurse。 Strange, should not ah, look back to find his report to me。

  Had heard of it。 Does not necessarily is a good thing。 The doctor didn't say much to her bed and said to her。 "In recent days didn't come to your mother, she advised me to let you earlier on the phone yesterday released。" Girls stare big eyes, and said to the doctor。 I don't。 Why I can't hear her voice。 ? I see her lips moving。 However, I can't hear her, the doctor said to her。 Have a good rest, want to discharge at any time and I said。

  Why is that? I can't hear her? Though she said those three words? In the afternoon, she is still smiling to me, sign for me to have a look around with her。 I put on my headphones, not play songs。 And she was sitting on a bench in the old, I am sure I can hear noises in my ears, even the sleeve friction small, I listen to it。 She asked me, what to do if you haven't restore hearing。 I'm back。 That has been in the hospital and so on it。 She shouted to me。 A fool。 However。 I didn't hear anything。 I said to her。 The final book to see how。 She frowned, haven't finished。 She should have finished earlier。 Just some reason do not want to return now。

  The next day。 While she was asleep。 I went to the doctor's office。 I asked。 Clinical girl is what disease, the doctor, the doctor just wrote to me。 I stop, he said, I hear。 "Your hearing restored? Just this morning。 You tell me she is what disease。 The doctor sighed, "she admitted to hospital last year, a diagnosis of intermittent lapses。 But I don't know how, over the past six months, she hasn't been good, also done a lot during the review, no signs of improvement, also didn't lose the ability to speak, may be forgot to say, or do not want to say。" I stare blankly for a moment。 Doctor, I today I have been to, and I've been hearing good things don't tell anyone。 The doctor didn't ask more, I returned to the room。

  Already woke up, she asked me went there。 I said to a round of the below。 Her helpless shrug and took out a book, may be her mother brought her, and my friend for a long time also didn't come to visit, everyone is very busy, for the sake of life。 She said the book gave me。 I took it。 The title is < the afterlife love >。 I and she said, why should the afterlife, this life why not? She is a bit confused。 A face of doubt of looking at me, and then, she again like that what secrets pat me on the shoulder and said。 There is no right and wrong, for only miss yesterday, for tomorrow, only tomorrow! I'm refuse smiled to smile, we have been very close, here, was like peas and carrots, if it weren't for all wear scrubs。 Can easily be mistaken for a pair of very conjugal love couples, I also don't care, care about other people's throat, care about others' eyes, care about others' irony。 She read my words, I understand her thoughts, we support each other, every day, every second。 Sometimes unintentional touch can make two people face radiant with a blush, now matter what corner, walking in all of us holding each other's hand。 We never said love, or how, I don't tan a chest, she is also willing to give up one arm。 Whether this is if you still need those so—called word will only increase the boring。

  6 weeks。 With family, company, friends of pressure。 I live in a hospital to 42 days。 Early in the morning, another day, at first glance, I turned around, she is not, mattress, neatly on it were a book she did not return。 Open the first page inside a LOMO photos I took a few years ago in sanya。 The words written on the back of her。 Thank the reunion, forgive I took French leave, I can hear the flowers of fear, but can't call you, and you see again have grown weary of scenery, the afterlife。 Fell in love。

  I think I'm stupid, I never asked her name, picture, beside the beach, green trees, the girls wore orchid straw hat, a white skirt, eyes towards the end of the sea。 That's her, how can I forget her, ran to the doctor's office, the doctor what are reluctant to speak。 Is a girl of entrust, silently disappear my world。

  Discharged from the hospital, go to work, to return to a person's day。 Boss cursed, I said the hearing had not fully recovered, all as can't hear you。 Until after the winter。 The loss of her has stopped memories, like never far from。 This year, the winter is cold in the north, but don't feel any to go out。 Friend asked me to go to the movies, I feel completely vapid, still DuRang friends said the film is very good—looking, called the beyond love。 Four words, deeply touched my heart, the whole stay live in 5 minutes, friends had to hang up the phone。

  The middle of the night, a person, at the gate of the cinema, the conductor asked me a couple of, think about it, two。 I a person, why want to buy two tickets? Wry smile。 Bought two bottles of coke, stay on into China。 So many people, what day? Each into pairs。 To see a few seats, unlock the phone, on February 14, valentine's day。 The bottom of my heart say dirty words。 WTF!!!! A seat。 Such as film, since I'm here, watching it, started five minutes。 The court has no spare seats。 The middle of the night, actually there are so many people, I dull looking at the dark screen, 2 minutes before。 Sir, you is anyone here? No。 Sit down。 I was too lazy to lift eye。 Weak light can only be seen in the darkness of some boring hand shadow。 I am a security guard, the girl want to see the movie, not a seat, take her walk, she didn't speak, also can find you here is an empty seat, you if you don't have the ticket to her, I still despise attitude, no, sit down, the film to start。 Next to not say words of thanks, two bottles of Pepsi in his hand, thought himself can't drink, what do people do it。 I turned and handed the coke in the past, through the night once again when I see her face, I couldn't say anything, four head, she also saw me, she got up and want to escape, I grabbed her hand and head。 "The most beautiful and good for a month, I don't want to use a lifetime to forget。" Touch the ears, hands crossed, put on the chest, went out of the heart。 (this is a few movements, sign language I love you。) She cried。 "I love you, too。"