living at present is my top concern英语作文

英语作文 时间:2018-09-11 我要投稿

  ladies and gentleman,good evening!

  it's my great honor to present this speech today.My name is Peace and I am from class 1 of Teaching Chinese as a foreign language. My topic today is “Living at Present is my Top Concern”。

  We've often heard the famous words;“yesterday is history,tomorrow is mistery,but today is a gift,that's why it's called 'present' ”。indeed,rich or poor,every one is endowed with this most precious gift .only by treasuring it and living to our fullest potential in the present,can we project our way forward to a bright and rewarding future.

  living at present requires a positive attitude to confront life;it's having the wisdom to spend our life's resources engaging in the most productive affairs; It's directing our time and energy towards the most efficient way to achieve a promising future! By living at present, we'll have more time and energy to focus on our goals and make a diffference to whatever our current task may be. Furthermore,, it's learning from the past instead of unnecessarily carrying heavy burdens from yesterday, and planing our future to wisely prepare for it instead of being impatient or restless . If we drawn, or let ourselves be overcome by yesterday's memories or strong feelings , how can we be observant enough to focus on things going on around us? If we are into dreaming or unnecessary concern for tomorrow,,how can we prepare well for the exciting upcoming future?  that is why living at present is my top concern.

  Living at present demands the courage to throw away useless encumbrances of the past , to accept what is unchangeable, to change what is chnageable, and to learn from the past which should be a lesson. ,instead of an obstacle.

  Living at present also requires the wisdom to concentrate on the present ,preparing for the future and courageously displaying the patience to wait for tomorrow.

  Over a long period of time, taking care of my little brother and making money at university push me too hard ,and i was so exhausted and anxious that i couldn't even sleep though my sleeping time is extremely limited.Eventually, I came to realize that I must lay off the mental burdens like worries from the past and concerns for the future and live at present. i need just to realise that I am on my way to my destination.; because I now know, that my top concern is “living at present ”!