On Luck英语作文

英语作文 时间:2018-09-13 我要投稿

  Nowadaya many people believe in luck. They believe it in love, in tests, promotions, etc. I think of luck in many respects. It does not come alone. Luck and opportunity go hand in hand with hard work and knowledge.

  I wan once assigned to work deep in the mountain. Being from a poor family, friendless and having no influential relative to rely on, I cursed my luck and let myself drift aimlessly and idled my time away until one day I realizcd that I could better myself by working bard at my lessons and excel in academic studies. Unsatisfied with my surroundings, I could not sleep at night. Listening to the sound of water rushing down the mountain, I felt I must keep going on just like the water. So I used to get up and read early in the morning when it was still dark and quiet. While others were sleeping soundly, I was already up in my study, reading.Hard work is rewarding. When the college entrance cxamlnatlon came, I took it without hesitation. As a result, I distinguished myself in the test. New I am at college, majoring in my favorite subject, Enghsh.

  I think luck is nowhere to be found but in my own hands. With held work we can be more knowledgeable and with knowledge comes good luck.