My Favourite Writer高中英语作文

英语作文 时间:2018-09-19 我要投稿

  Guo Jingming is a famous writer in China. I think all the students have known him. He is also my favourite writer. He was born in 1983. He has published many books, such as "Visionary"," The Summer Still Doesn't Come"…These books are very touching.

  I often cry and shed bitter tears while I am reading his books. I thought he was a pessimisticperson but now I think he is sensational person. He doesn't want to grow up judged by this. I think he is pure and naive. Although he is a writer, he studies well.

  I admire him very much. His words are common, but they make people feel quite close to him. I hope he can write better articles and I want to be a writer like him when I grow up.