The sun after the rain英语作文

英语作文 时间:2018-09-23 我要投稿

  It was raining cats and dogs for a day, and now it was finally put away.The sun that Imprisonment one day, and it was liberated,He seemed to think of his own responsibility and broke through the clouds.The sky suddenly radiated a thousand rays of light, and painted the earth a of gold.

  The sun is soft after the rain. The sky is as clear as a rain washed,On the road, the green umbrella is like the ocean, the tide is gone.People began to get busy again, all greedily breathing fresh, moist air after the rain.They were also covered with golden light, and the whole earth was bathed in the sun.The sun is getting brighter and the water on the ground and the drops of water on the branches are getting less and less.The drops of water from the eaves were turned into a picture of the sun, and turned into a pearl of five colors.The water on the ground is completely evaporated, the sun is bright red and golden.It burned the sky and dyed the earth red.The weather has cleared up.There is no cloud in the blue sky.The river ripples in the waves, glittering with golden light; The little bird, again in the branches, was like the sun after the rain.

  The sun after the rain, I praise you!!