Dear Ann英语作文

英语作文 时间:2018-09-23 我要投稿

  How are you these days?We have a long time no see,so I miss you very much!Now I would love to introduce my new school to you.

  The school is a famous school and it has a history of 75years. There are 48 classmates ,toohundred and twenty teachers and three thousand students .The school is tidy and beautiful ,and There are many trees ,all kinds of flowers .But i do not like it.The teachers take teaching seriously and are patient with anystudents.They methods of teaching are nothing like that of the middle school.

  My favorit sujects are P.E and computer. I have difficult in learning physics,math,chemistry and English.So I am very sad!In my spare time.I often sleep,because I feet tried.Sometimes I play sports with classmates,too. I am looking forward to your reply.

  Yours, Gina.