The power of a smile英语作文

英语作文 时间:2018-09-23 我要投稿

  People will grow old,and then beautiful things,one day will lose its original glory,we only keep the truth in the world,the smile left to the people around!

  In the district to see the young children that lovely smile,so innocent and innocent,I even like,no wonder their parents are so strong,so dedicated to life for hard work, because the children really so cute,so warm, their smile is us Mind of the soothing agent,let us see the human beauty,see the new hope!

  On the road to meet the bottle of women,they live by labor,we should vote to respect the gaze,they carry a booing baby,they are strong, when I and their view,they still give Warm smile,told me that they had a very good,very confident,very viable!

  Smile can bring happiness,it is the power of progress,is to stimulate people fighting spirit,we have to continue to use smile,so that their lives better!