Say No to Plagiarism英语作文

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  Say No to Plagiarism

  A crucial skill students must develop at college is the ability to conduct independent research. Having accumulated fundamental knowledge, students should develop themselves into thinking and inquiring individuals capable of forming their own judgment and expressing their original insights, both in term papers and graduation theses.

  Unfortunately, with massive information readily available on the Internet, irresponsible students find it so convenient to copy, partially or even completely, the research performed by others. Without declaring due acknowledgements, they pretend the research is by their own efforts and they secretly congratulate themselves on the good grades they obtain. Worst of all, they seldom have a guilty conscience because such plagiarism is so pervasive.

  However, the consequences are more serious than those plagiarists could imagine. For one thing, their personal credibility is ruined. College years are the most formative period in a students life and deception could be a serious stain on ones moral integrity. For another thing, without effective research experiences, one is unlikely to acquire depth of analyses or originality of insights, both of which are indispensible to ones career development, whether in corporate, government or academic organizations. Ultimately, the plagiarists themselves are to suffer.