One instructive day英语作文

英语作文 时间:2018-11-30 我要投稿

  its snowing very hard, the sky is dark and gloomy. the ground is covered with white snow. a cold wind is blowing from the north. how cold it is! mr. jenkins is walking in the snow. he is wearing a very thick coat. his two hands are both in the pockets. but he isnt wearing a hat on his head. he feels a little cold walking in the snow. now, he is missing his warm house.

  it was sunday afternoon. li ming and i were walking to the park. suddenly we saw a boy fall off his bike. we both hurried to him. since one of his legs was hurt badly, the boy couldnt stand up. he began to cry and we tried to comfort him. we put him on the bike and took him to hospital. the boy got treated at once. i telephoned his parents and told them about the whole story. they thanked us again and again. it was dark then and we said goodbye to them. we felt happy though we couldnt get to the park.