My Out of class Activities英语作文

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  下面三幅图体现的是学生的课外学习、课余活动和社会实践活动三个方面的课外生活。请根据每幅图的内容,写一篇题为my out-of-class activities的短文,并分别写出你的感受(或收获)以及你对整个课外生活的看法。


  my out-of-class activities

  my spare time is full of interesting activities. i read all kinds of books in the reading-room whenever i have time. i learn a lot more in the library than in class in this way. sports and games keep me healthy and strong enough to deal with all difficulties. among all games, volleyball is my favourite. i often play volleyball with my classmates. sometimes i go in for social practice with my classmates outside school. for eample, we go to plant trees in spring. in this way, i gain a lot of social eperience and leam to work for the good of the society.

  out-of-class activities are quite necessary fur us students. trirough these activities we can leam many things that can t be learned in class.