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  适当的时机 The Right Time


  One day, when I went home after school, I found there was no one at home, so I felt bored. I suddenly thought about the toy I wanted to buy last time, but my mother stopped me, she said I had bought so many toys, I still wanted to buy. I saw my mother put her money in the desk, as I wanted the toy so much, so I took the money and then went to the shop. When my mother came home, she did not realize, but I felt so guilty, I decided to tell her the truth. I finally told my mother, she smiled and told me she waited for me to confess, if I miss the right time to confess, she would be angry, because it would improve me to be a bad child. I was so happy that I confess my mistake at the right time and correct it.


  灰姑娘的故事 The Story of Cinderella

  For most girls, I believe they must have read the story about Cinderella. The story tells about a beautiful and kind girl named Cinderella, her mother dies when she is very small, so his father marries another lady who has two daughters. When the father dies, Cinderella is bulled by his step-mother and step-sisters, but she keeps nice to them. One day, Cinderella meets a prince and when she joins the party, she has to run away before midnight. The prince finally finds her by his missing glass shoe. Finally, Cinderella lives a happy life and her step-mother and step-sisters are punished. The story tells people that if we are kind to others, we will have the good return.


  重要的考试 The Important Test

  I will finish my middle school life soon, before I graduate, I need to take part in a very important test and it will decide which high school I will be in. I am so nervous now, I want to do my best and go to the ideal high school. My mother told me yesterday that no matter how the result was, she would be happy for me. She did not want me to have too much pressure and she believed me I could do well. Thinking about my mother’s words, I am not nervous now, what’s more, all of my families support me so much. The result is not that important, happiness comes first.


  第一次野营 Going Camping For the First Time

  I always want to go camping, because I think it is cool. But my parents think that I am too small to do it, so they refuse me. One day, I told my parents that my friends and I planned to go camping, the place was very close to my friend’s home. So my parents allowed me. I was so happy, we put up the tent and took out the food we prepared. When it was dark, we set the fire and we song and dance, we played the games happily. Before we slept, I laid on the tent and talked secret with my friends. This is the first time for me to go camp and I enjoy it so much.


  雨后的彩虹 The Rainbow After the Rain

  When I lived in my hometown, I liked raining so much, because sometimes I could see the rainbow, it is so beautiful and attractive. I remembered the first time when I saw the rainbow. It was a stuffy afternoon, when I took a nap, I heard it rained, but there was sunshine in the sky. After an hour, the rain stopped. I walked out of my house and took a look at the sky, I saw a long colorful bridge in the sky. It appeared clearly, so close to me, it seemed that I could walk it to the sky. Now I live in the city, but I never see such beautiful rainbow again. The city’s buildings cover the sky.






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