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  英伦玫瑰 the England Rose

  When I was very small, I was so obsessed with the movie Harry Potter. I had watched all the series and I was so impressed by the role that acted by Emma Watson. Now so many years have passed, I keep paying attention to her. Emma is as smart as the role she plays. Though she keeps filming movies, she never gives up study. She got full A in her lesson and she could go to any top university, finally she went to Brown University. When she graduated, she was invited to give the speech He For Her. She called the men to be equal with the women. The speech was welcomed by the world and people gave great support. People call Emma the England rose, she is smart and elegant, which sets the good example for the England girls.


  动物园一日游 A Day in the Zoo

  There has been a long time for my family not to go out for the activity, because my father is busy all the time. But last week, my father finally finished his project, so that he could take a rest for some time. My father advised us to go to the zoo, I was so excited, because I hadn’t seen many animals in my life. In the zoo, there were so many people, it was so lively. I saw the monkey, the giraffe and so on. I saw these animals in the TV usually, but I saw them in front of me that day. The peacock impressed me so much, it looked homely when it laid down the ground, but when it stood up and opened the wings, it was so gorgeous. People said peacock was proud, indeed, it would not please people. I had a good time in the zoo.


  学骑单车 Learn to Ride the Bike

  Since I go to high school, I have to walk a very far distance, it always takes me half an hour to reach the school. My father bought me a bike last week, he said it would save a lot of time. But the problem was that I didn’t know how to ride. I needed to learn ride the bike. The first time when I rode the bike, I lost my balance quickly and nearly fell down, my father tried to keep my balance, so that I did not fell to the ground. After I tried for an hour, I started to know how to keep the balance and can rode for a few distance. Then my father stayed away from me and watched me. Without my father’s protection, I scared, but I needed to learn by myself. I fell down many times, but I finally could ride.


  青春的记忆 The Memory of Youth

  After seeing so many movies about the youth, we are starting to wonder about what do we have in our youth, the fight, the drink or the love? My answer is no. What we see from the movie is not true, the plots are exaggerated and misunderstood. For students, their youth is the process of fighting. They have studied so hard to realize their dreams. When they are in primary school, they want to do well and make their parents be proud of them. When they are in middle school and high school, they need to take part in the exams so as to enter the better future schools. Even they are in college, they still need to study and fight for the ideal job. There is no doubt that most people keep fighting for their future and this is the memory of youth.


  难以说出的话 The Words That Are Hard to Say

  There are two kinds of words are hard for me to say. The first is to apologize to others. The sorry words make me feel awkward. I always behave myself so well and I tell myself to stay away from trouble, so it is not acceptable for me to make others feel uncomfortable. When the mistakes happens, I am shocked and don’t know what to say. The second is to express the love to my parents. My parents are diligent and honest, they never say the romantic words. They just work very hard. I know they love me, but I just feel shy to say love them. Every time I want to show my love, then I feel something is stuck in my throat. I try hard to get over these difficulties, I decide to join some activities and make myself become an open girl.

  有两种类型的话语是我很难说出口的。首先是向别人道歉。抱歉的话使我感到尴尬。我总是严厉约束自己, 告诉自己远离麻烦, 所以,让别人感到不舒服,对我来说是不能接受的。当错误发生时,我很震惊,不知道说什么好。第二个是表达对父母的爱。我父母是勤奋和诚实的,他们从来不说浪漫的话语。他们工作非常努力。我知道他们爱我,但说爱他们,我会感到害羞。每次我想要表达我的爱,总觉得有东西卡在我的喉咙。我努力去克服这些困难,我决定参加一些活动,让自己成为一个外向的女孩。

  时间都去哪儿了? Where Has the Time Gone?

  In Chinese Spring Festival Gala, the song of Where Has the Time Gone became popular. The words are so touching that when people listen to this song, many memories will come out. For our parents’ generation, they married, raised the kids and then watched them become independent, how time flies. It is just like that they became parents yesterday, and then they become grandparents today. Time flies so fast that they don’t realize they are old. I am so thankful to my parents, for they do so many things for me. I want to return their love, so I must become more independent and mature. So that my parents will be less worried about me and can go travel to enjoy their lives. For me, I want to cherish every moment, enjoy my own life and let the time go more slowly.