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  My parents work in a shoe factory. they get up at five thirty. they first get breakfast ready. then they go to work by bus. they work there from eight to five. they come home at about six and prepare super for us. Mother washes clothes in the evening, Father often makes toys for toys for us. they are busy all day.

  My Parents

  My mother is 38 years old, but she never tells others how old she is. She says she just doesn iexcl; macr;t want them to know about it! My mother is a well-known doctor in our area. She works hard. She often gets up very early in the morning and rushes to the hospital to look after her patients. She is kind to her patients and treats them the way she treats her family. Sometimes I wonder whom she loves more, her patients or me.

  My father is 40 years old. He has short hair, big eyes and a small mouth. He is my best friend.

  My father is a teacher. Just like my mother, he is very busy. He doesn iexcl; macr;t have any holidays or weekends. Every morning he goes to school very early and stays with his students until late in the afternoon. It seems that he never gets tired! His students love and respect him. He always tells my mother how good it is to be a teacher, because his students make him feel young. He thinks my mother should be a teacher, too! But so far she hasn iexcl; macr;t taken his advice.

  I will be a new student in my father iexcl; macr;s school this summer. I will work harder and I hope one day I can be a good doctor like my mother.