My Dream最新初中英语作文范文

英语作文 时间:2018-09-27 我要投稿

  Once I have a lot of dreams, although those dreams are far away from me, but I still is worth when it comes to, friends to listen to a listen to!

  When I was just in elementary school, I can only dream is to grow up to be a teacher. Because I looked at the teacher the great power that can imagine myself standing on the platform instruction do the students to do this, homework, batch jobs, play with my classmates. This is my first dream. My second dream is in grade four, that is to be a dancer, because mom and dad have seen it take me to a dance performance, dancers dance attracted me deeply, so I just decided to grow up to be a dancer. Came, and now my dream is to become when a singer, I like to stand on the stage, everyone else is holding my name brand, this is my dream, and you?