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  高一英语作文:Protect the Great Wall


  The Great Wall is famous all over the world, it is one of the most remarkable symbols of China, it has long history. But as there are more and more people to visit the famous building, it has been damaged to some degree. In order to protect the great building, we should not throw away the rubbish and do not make some marks, so that we can enjoy the great building.


  高二英语作文:Protecting the Children

  Nowadays, when people talk about the principle, they are no longer showing respect, because many cases about the kids getting harassed by the principles were being exposed. Since then, the word “principle” is the speaking for monsters. Teenagers being harassed has become a hot issue, people call on the government to take some action to protect the teenagers. In my opinion, protecting the children are both parents and the society’s duty. Parents should teach their children to have the consciousness of security, like never getting alone with the strangers or the principles, when the principles ask the children to go to their home, children should reject. The society should supervise the principles, though they are in high position, what they do should be open to the public. Children are immature, they need the society’s protection, the harassing behavior shouldbe heavily punished by the law.


  高二英语作文:The Great Wall

  What impresses me most in Beijing is the Great Wall which is one of the greatest projects in the world. It's not only the cultural heritage, but also a symbol of China. "It's glorious." I think. It looks like a big dragon running across the mountainous area. It starts Shanhaiguan in the east to Jiayuguan in the west. It's so long that nobody can walk from the beginning to the end.


  It was firstly built in Qin Dynasty and prolonged in Ming and Qing dynasties. It was used to protect the enemies from invading in the past, but now it has become the place of interest which attracts so many tourists both at home and abroad.


  When I was standing on the top of the Great Wall, I felt as if I were in ancient days. I could see many laborers working very hard. How could they finish this extremely difficult task by hand?


  高二英语作文:How to Protect Consumers’ Rights

  I bet most of you guys have come across such situation, when you go shopping and buy something, you find there is something wrong with the product after you buy it, you want the manager to compensate for you, but the manager refuse to. Though you are angry, there is nothing you can do. As a consumer, we need to protect our rights, when we find the products are not conformed with specifications, we have the right to ask for compensation. The consumers’ rights are legal and protected by the laws, March 15 is International Day for Consumers’ Rights and Interests, it pays special attention to the consumers, it reminds consumers of their rights. If consumers find the shops are cheating customers, they can call the police and protect their rights. So when we buy products, we need to have the conscious that our consumers’ rights are protected by law.


  高中生英语作文精选:Protect the Environment, Starts

  导读:随着北京奥运”绿色奥运”的口号的提出,越来越多的中国人意识到环境保护的重要性,但也有的人认为只要大企业,大工厂不污染,大家多种树就好,而乱丢垃圾等这样的小事情无所谓。请你围绕环保该不该从身边小事做起这一话题,展开思路 ,谈谈你的感想。

  Do something to protect the environment

  We want to hold a green Olympic Games ,so everyone should do something useful to protect the environment ,whether it is big or small.

  We should do something to stop people from doing bad things to the environment .We should put rubbish into dustbins instead of throwing it about. Everyone must care for flowers ,grass and tress in public .We shound collect things like paper ,plastic bags our neighborhood as well ,it’s necessary to plant more trees every year .

  It is everyone’s duty to make our neighborhood much better with our hands minds .

  Let’s make a contribution to protecting the environment and the Plympic Games successfully.

  高三英语作文:Environment Protection

  We live in the world every day. We eat food, drink water, wear clothes, watch TV, use computers and so on. We are producing waste every moment.

  Generally speaking, there are four sorts of waste. They are material waste, organic waste, inorganic waste and poisonous & harmful waste. Now, we are going to talk about each sort of waste one by one.

  Material waste: it means the waste of substance or things from which something else can be made. For example, people throw away the used metal products and buy a new one, so the old metal waste accumulates. At last, they become waste. For example, when people finish reading newspaper, the paper will become waste. When the glass is broken, it also becomes waste. Nobody wants to use a broken window or drink with a broken glass or wear a pair of broken glasses. Once it is broken, it becomes waste. The rate of using plastics is increasing day by day. People use plastic bags because they are convenient. When they get home, they throw the plastics way, paying no attention to the environment. The more convenience plastics brings to us, the more plastic waste is produced. This is called “white pollution” as most plastics are white. Some of our products we use every day are made of rubber, just like the tyres and the bottom part of our shoes. It’s true that rubber plays an important role in our life. However, it also brings us some trouble when it has been used for a long time and becomes old. The old tyres become waste because it can’t break down by nature. This is really a big problem.

  Organic waste: it refers to waste from living things, including waste from animals, plants and people. Some parts of vegetables are thrown away as waste because they don’t taste good. In the past, people cooked their food using burning coal, so there left the burned coal, which is useless, like the thrown vegetables. All this sorts of waste contain organism, so it is called organic waste.

  Actually, we also have inorganic waste, the opposite to organic waste, including building waste, broken pottery and china, and cinder.

  The last part is harmful and poisonous waste, such as used batteries, electrical apparatus and medical supplies. Computers and TV sets are one part of electrical apparatus. You see, the old electrical apparatus can set off some dangerous rays and make the soil harder, even damage the under ground water. Mobile phones are as dangerous as computers and TV sets. As we know, X-rays can be used to examine patients, but the X-rays machines are dangerous when they are thrown away without any treatment. They can’t be used to treat the sick, but they still can give off rays. For the normal people, they can be dangerous. So, we must think about this problem.

  As waste has four sorts, we can sort them into each sort that they belong to. It’s convenient to treat them after they are sorted. Then we can deal with them sort by sort. We have thought out some methods like storing them in order to change them into plant food, or burning them in a huge stove and use the heat to make electricity. For the first way, the change rate is much too low and it may pollute the under ground water. For the second one, of course it’s wonderful if it’s easy to be tried out. But to build such a huge stove will cost too much. Not a good method. Now you see, treating waste is not an easy job.

  From what has been discussed above, we can do something to our home—the earth. We should make full use of things. At the same time, we’d better reduce its harmful effect as much as possible.

  We can do from the basic of waste. That’s to say, we can reduce the production of waste, and reuse and recycle them as much as we can. Take material waste for example. Nearly all of them can be recycled and reused. And, we should call for using things made of paper instead of plastics so as to protect our environment.

  Protecting the environment is not one person’s duty; it depends on all of us. What can we do? Maybe a dozen..

  In a word, use what can reuse as much as possible. Remember, environment protection is not one’s duty!





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