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  财富与幸福英文作文 篇1

  Everyone wants to be rich. In today's material world, making money or becoming rich symbolizes a person's success and ability. Many people make every effort to get more wealth at any cost. With money, they can live better in a large apartment near nice; with money, they can have their own limousine. Wealth seems to be money. Wealth seems to bring happiness to life.

  In my opinion, people can't do anything without money, but money is not everything. What money will bring you depends on your personal beliefs and life goals. If you are kind enough to help others, especially the poor, it is a good thing for your money. With it, you can benefit the people, do more for your country, and bring happiness to yourself.

  You will never be satisfied or happy if you just need money for your own needs. In short, you should spend money for more people. Only in this way can money be the source of your happiness.




  财富与幸福英文作文 篇2

  Wealth has always been the object of some people's desire. It is true that most people strive to get wealth through honest labor. His efforts are good for the benefit of society, but also promote the accumulation of their wealth, and therefore make them happier.

  There is no doubt that wealth brings happiness, especially in modern society. All kinds of modern household appliances, fashion and entertainment are changing with each passing day. All of these make our life more comfortable and colorful. So without money, we can't turn envy into reality.

  But when wealth breaks away from happiness, there are exceptions. Wealth can encourage weak willed people to develop bad habits, such as drugs or gambling, and lead to their own destruction. In addition, if a person pursues wealth and indulges in luxury life, he will lose his mind and go astray. For example, there are even some government officials who use their positions to ask for bribes from people seeking help. All of these will have the negative effect of wealth, if we can't treat wealth properly.

  In my opinion, we can't equate wealth with happiness in any way. I also think that people should never rely only on wealth to get happiness.





  财富与幸福英文作文 篇3

  Everyone has his own precious wealth. It is a valuable wealth to have sincere friendship among students, excellent academic achievements, and parents' care and love.

  Happiness, this is my wealth.

  When I was a child, I learned to walk, which is a kind of happiness. Learn to walk, memory is about one year old. At that time, I took a small step, fell a little, took a big step, fell two or three times and made my little white face black. It hurt so much that I cried and kicked around. At this time, a stern voice came out: "cry what cry! Learn to walk a few steps to cry, still a man!" listening to the voice, I was afraid and stood still. The cry came to an abrupt end. Suddenly, he felt his father's attitude coming to a 360 degree turn. He put his thick and warm big hand on my two arms and said gently: "come, left foot, right foot. That's it. I took a small step of shaking left and right, and slowly moved forward. One, two, three.

  My father's face showed a kind smile again, which dispelled my inner fear. Later, he said softly: child, you can't be so delicate. You should overcome difficulties, surpass yourself and stride forward bravely. After listening to this, I told myself in my heart that I must stride forward bravely and be a man of the sky. I encourage myself and cheer myself on!

  "Baby, come on! First raise your right foot." I did, and took a big step successfully. "Well, baby, that's great! Put down your right foot and raise your left." In this way, I pushed hard, and successfully stepped out of the left foot.

  In this way, step by step, step by step, step by step, I finally learned to walk. In this small matter, I gradually understand a truth: as long as you have perseverance and perseverance, no matter what you do, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

  Father's love is like a mountain. Without my father's stern and kind encouragement, I would not learn to walk so quickly. With my father's love, I have happiness!

  And happiness is my great wealth.









  财富与幸福英文作文 篇4

  Everybody wants to get wealth. In today’s material world, making money or becoming wealthy symbolizes a person’s success and capability. Many people make every effort, pay any price to attain greater wealth. With money, they can but nice, large apartments in nice neighborhood; with money, they can own stately luxury cars. Wealth seems with money. Wealth seems to bring all happiness in life.

  In my opinion, people cannot do anything without money, but money is not everything. What money will bring you depends on your personal belief and goal in life. If you are kind enough to help others, especially the poor, money is a good thing to you. With it, you can do much more for the benefit of people and your country, and it will to your own happiness.

  If you want money just for your own needs, you’ll never be satisfied or happy. In a word, you should have money spent for more people, only then can money be the source of your happiness.