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  Professor, Master Tutor, Dean of Law School

  Harbin Normal University





  To whom it may concern,

  I am Dean of the Law School at Harbin Normal University. I take great pleasure in recommending ____________ for admission into your prestigious Master Program.

  I have known________for three years since his sophomore year. I taught him the course of__________. In the class, he showed great interest in Law, especially Law application field.

  In the first class, _______ was the only student that answered correctly my question about the Law. he thus left me with a deep impression as a bright student who had a clear aim and knew how to achieve it.

  Moreover, he studied conscientiously and often came up with creative ideas. He often posed thought-provoking questions while in his reading. ______ stood out among his fellow his classmates with an unmistakable thirst for genuine understanding of my lectures.

  Once I explained how to analyze the complicated Law cases, after the class, he came to me expressing his own opinion about how to optimize the specific case studies. Sometimes, I was touched by his strong desire to pursuit the knowledge.

  The more I knew him, the more I found he was talented at Law field. In the specialty of Law case studies, he has completely mastered the method to analyze the complex law cases.

  Besides, I have been astonished by her extraordinary achievement in the actual case anaysis capability. _________is ingenious, contemplative and has an inquiring mind. As you can see, he got a high score for my course. _______is motivated and he shows really great enthusiasm for Law.

  The very positive impression made by ___________ has been re-forced by her strong performance in various extracurricular activities. As far as I know, he demonstrated an intelligence, aggressiveness and leadership quality while taking part in school club activities and kinds of competitions.

  For example, his extraordinary achievements in the above field have been rewarded many times. ________is also a warm-hearted student. He has worked as a volunteer in schools for all kinds of non-profitable activities.

  In general, I consider _________ a very promising applicant to your esteemed program in his proposed filed. I have the least reservation on his potential to succeed in her future academicals as well as professional pursuit. Should you wish to discuss anything pertaining to this letter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  Yours sincerely,


  Francis C. Ultsch BA, MDiv.(推荐老师的名字)

  Lecturer, Associate Professor (职务或职称,如无可写Lecturer)


  Professor, Master Tutor, Law research

  Harbin Normal University





  Dear Sir or Madam,

  At the request of ________, a graduate student of mine in the Department of Law, I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation in support of her application for admission for his study in your Master Program.

  I first knew his two years ago and I taught his the course of ¬¬____________, he showed intense interest in the course. As his teacher, I had many chances to communicate with him and observe the quality of his work, I thus know him well.

  Trough the period of instruction, I found his a bold thinker and an inquisitive person. In my class, most students only learned from the teachers’ notes or books, but _______ thought positively and used the methodology of comparison to study the course on Law, he always have some original ideas.

  What’s more, he is good at critical thinking, and impressed me by his own opinions and perceptions of some up-to-date important law events on the Law field.

  Furthermore, _______ is a good and diligent student who doesn’t only concentrate on the knowledge in the book, but positively takes part in all kinds of internship activities in order to strengthen his research capability.

  For example, he has been nominated as a student leader in the college Law cases analysis project. With his and team efforts, the analysis project has been finished successfully.

  Additionally, I know that ________ has given an outstanding performance in the overall subjects over the past four years, especially in Law case analysis and in English. He has a good command of the English language. I think this is a powerful evidence of his strong learning skills and it is a fundamental advantage of his to the master program as well.

  To my knowledge, ________ is not only strong in academics, but also in sports and in social activities. ________is really interested in Sports. He took often part in the school club activities and charities activities.

  His pleasant personality and good communication skills made his welcomed by his classmate and friends. He is really a sunny, open and enthusiastic student.

  In other time, _________ told me about her keenness on Law field and about his further study pursuits, I surely support him. His strong learning capability, solid academic foundation and pleasant personality would qualify his as a suitable applicant. In view of all that I know of him, I strongly recommend him. If anything about¬¬¬¬-________, please don't hesitate to contact with me.

  Yours sincerely,

  Francis C. Ultsch BA, MDiv.(推荐老师的名字)

  Lecturer, Associate Professor (职务或职称,如无可写Lecturer)


  Dear sir or madam,

  I am writing to you with pleasure of recommendation Mr. xx for acceptance into your PhD department. As the advisor of mathematics department in xx University. And I am 17th generation proprietor Lien of plum boxing in China.

  I have come in contact with thousands of students. With his academic achievements and personality, Mr. x stands out as one of the exceptional students.

  I have known Mr. x when he entered the University for learning Kungfu. At that time, he was very fat and his physical strength was not well. I told him several times that exercising Kungfu is very painstaking work and it will take up him many time.

  If he wants to get the better level, he will need more than 3 years. From his eyes and expression, I can find his earnest. Later, his intelligence and willpower are showed; he can learn the device I taught him in a short time.

  But others don’t do that as him, they all need more time than him. Among the members of more than 40 Kungfu association of students of 1997 in medical college in xx University, there are two students to insist on exercising Kungfu more than 5 years and he is one of them.

  Moreover, don’t give up Kungfu, now, he is very healthy. So we can not find the fat appearance.

  The summer of 2003, some foreigners who were interest in Chinese Kungfu came to our university with my daughter; I received them on the playground of xx University. To my surprised,x could communicate with them in fluent English, and he arranged them to visit our university and some activities, which helped me set up a good relationship with them.

  Two years ago, because of traffic accident, my wife hurt her knuckle of the right leg. x went to my home to make diagnosis after understanding condition detailed and gave the method to treat the illness.

  After that, his diagnosis and processing were proved by the professor of xx Central Hospital. His method was correct. So I believed that he was a gift with potential in the field of medicine.

  In addition, my students suffered from different hurt owe to exercising, x could help them with his special knowledge and kind-hearted. This is the reason why he interests in medicine.

  When he told me that he would like to apply to your PhD department, I feel very excited. As a quality undergraduate student, he has demonstrated great intellectual potential, which he can readily tap in his graduate studies for the realization of his ambitions.

  I hereby lend my full support to Mr.x’s application, and shall greatly appreciate your favorable consideration.

  Yours sincerely,

  Prof. xx