On Excessive Packaging英语四级写作范文

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  On Excessive Packaging

  I assume that you are familiar with the phenomenon of Excessive Packaging. Taking a look around,we can find examples with ease:a small computer is packed in a thick and heavy carton,clothes are putted in a well-designed plastic bags and moon-cakes are usually placed in delicate boxes.

  What are the causes of this problem? On the one hand, to earn more economic gains, a considerable number of manufactures usually wrap their products with unnecessary but appealing materials aiming at attracting customers attention , arousing their curiosity and then stimulating their purchasing desire. On the other hand, quite a few customers believe that the more delicate the package seems,the superior the quality will be ,the notion has also encouraged the trend of excessive packaging.

  To change this situation, I think we should take the following measures. First, laws must be made and implemented to impose restriction on excessive packaging. Moreover, a public education campaign should be launched to arouse customers consciousness that packaging doesnt equal to quality. Only in this way can we put an end to this trend.